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We help businesses to transform their customer service experience, improve quality and reduce costs with Power Platform and Portals technology.

Dynamics 365

We provide hands-on functional and technical expertise in Dynamics 365, covering Customer Service, Field Service and custom system integrations.

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Power Platform

We help you to adopt and build business and mobile applications fast, leverage your data and empower your employees through Power Apps, Portals, Power Automate and Virtual Agent.


We provide quality, engaging training in technologies for your executives, staff and clients on Power Platform, Cloud and AI technologies.

Why us?


On your side

We care about your business and the outcomes of your work. While others might be focused on selling you on a particular technology solution, we are focused on your needs, We’ll be on your side, helping you determine the best solution for you. We’re not about getting more hours of work to do, but doing the work in the way that most benefits you and your business. If something is not in your best interests, no bullsh*t, we’ll tell you straight away. 

Experts only

We're not a cheap body shop. Technomancy is a hand-picked team of independent experienced professionals who care about the success of our clients. Our credentials include not only hard-to-earn technical certifications, but also the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award, given by Microsoft to "technology experts who passionately share their knowledge with the community".

Our competencies


Technologies open up opportunities - opportunities to engage with more customers, opportunities to reduce costs and improve services, opportunities to gain a competitive edge. Our mission here at Technomancy is to help you identify and leverage these opportunities - to answer your questions, give you the best advice, and help you implement the right technologies to grow your business.

Dynamics Experts

We are here when you need the specialised skillset required for Dynamics & Power Platform implementations. We have MVP-level insights into product features as well as access to dedicated support channels. Engage us when you need special attention to critical elements of your project. When you need highly competent handling of critical elements of your project, Technomancy offers reliable delivery that offshore capacity can't match.

Portal implementations that look great

Check out how to get your WOW portal tomorrow! If you have Dynamics 365 CRM implemented, but no Portal, you are missing out on better customer experience for your clients and users as well as bigger cost savings for your business. We can show you how to leverage Portal capabilities to improve the experience of your customers and partners, slash your overheads and transform your business for better. We also know how to make stock Portal theme look nice!

System integrations

CRM software is essential, but chances are there are more platforms and data sources in your technology ecosystem. When you need to integrate Dynamics with more systems in the best way, we’ve got you covered from integration design to delivery and data migration.

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Power Platform training

When you want to leverage Power Platform to speed up the development of business applications, we can train your teams on how to leverage the capabilities and data you already have and build apps rapidly. We’ll also help you with the governance of the apps ecosystem.

Your trusted technology advisor

Before you start a big project or approach vendors, you may want a bit of an independent perspective. We can be on your side while other vendors are pitching the technologies they want to sell, not necessarily the technologies you need. We can help you with initial assessment and advice on technology options or help with RFI/RFP.

Product Management consultancy

Are you in a situation where you have developers working on features and fixes, but the list is just endless and there's been no releases for the last 6 months? Or you do release updates, but they don’t seem to make any difference? These are sure signs you need to boost your product management. Let us put your project back on track. We can provide experienced product owners or coach product management roles within your business, giving you the skills and confidence to manage in-house. We even offer agile PO training!

Sounds like something you may need help with?

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