Water bill automation samples

Get on top of thousands of water bills – reduce errors, save time and improve customers’ experience with the water billing automation solution!

Accurate and transparent water usage billing is an essential legislation requirement, regulated by state acts ( Residential Tenancies Act 2010 in NSW; Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008 in QLD etc). At the same time, Community Housing organisations manage hundreds and thousands of units, complexes and individual houses in different forms of ownership. Due to that, the task of meeting the compliance requirements and providing timely and accurate water usage billing for tenants is a challenging task.

The good news is that we have a water billing automation solution for your needs which is flexible to implement into your individual organisation circumstances. 

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Screenshot of imported water bill data
Import all your water bills data

The key business benefits of the water billing automation solution

  • Dramatically increases the accuracy of billing, especially in shared meters and changing tenants scenarios.
  • Decreased time of processing of billing cycles. We’ve seen results go from requiring three people and a month worth of work to only one person and less than a day worth of work!
  • Significantly improved your customers’ experience due to accurate and transparent billing, and communications.
  • Meet your compliance with ease with automated reporting for regulators.
  • The low-cost license Software-as-a-Service solution

Features of the solution

  • Import of billing (usage, charges, meters) information in bulk from structured water authorities data sources
  • OCR-assisted entry of individual bills
  • Integration with property management software
  • Integration with finance software – accounts payable and accounts receivable
  • Automated calculation of tenant billable usage charges
  • Meter based and tenancy based calculation methods available
  • Automated generation of tenant letters with water usage billing
  • Dashboards and reporting available
  • Integration with tenants portal and online payment solutions.
  • Power Platform based – Power Apps, Power Automate and Power BI – open and extendable.
  • Office 365 security – authentication and access management
  • Integration with your wider Office 365 ecosystem – Teams, Sharepoint etc.
Overview of the water billing automation solution
Overview of the water billing automation solution

Integration with water authorities water billing bulk data

Did you know that most of the water authorities can provide you not only PDF bill copies, but also a structured information extract of the bill information – charges and meters data? The water billing automation solution allows importing such information and process thousands of bills in under an hour. In fact, various input formats are supported and can be extended to meet your specific data requirements:

  • CSV files
  • PBF (position based format) files
  • API integration where available
Screenshots of the sample water bill and bulk water billing data
Import your billing information in bulk

Integration with property & tenancy management software or accurate billing

Property and tenancy data is essential for accurate tenant billing for water usage. The data required include the property address, water account and meter number, number of tenants, dates of changes in tenancies, etc. The water billing automation solution can integrate with various data sources to retrieve such information:

  • Property Tree (API based)
  • PropertyMe (API based)
  • Direct databases (SQL-like)
  • Any other data source allowing connectivity
Screenshot of the water billing solution
Get the latest tenancy data from your tenancy management software

Integration with finance software for automated billing

The water billing automation solution provides automatic creation of account payable and accounts receivable information. The solution can integrate with a range of API based systems or produce flat files for manual or semi-automated import:

  • Dynamics FinOps
  • Xero
  • File-base integration

Tenant water bill letter generation

The solution provides automated tenants letter generation containing the information with regard to billable water usage charges. The template is Word-based and fully customisable to reflect your organisation branding, copy and preferred layout.  

  • Thousands of letters generated in under an hour.
  • Accurate information based on the usage charges and tenancy data information.
  • Letters can be emailed to tenants directly or printed in bulk
Tenant water billing letter sample
Automatic generation of tenant bill letters

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