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The journey starts here - the tenant portal dashboard

Dashboard with chat

Let's have a closer look

Online payments

Make a payment

The Tenant Portal enables online payments via the payment gateway of your choice. The most popular are PayPal, Stripe, or eWay.

The tile or tiles on the dashboard display the outstanding amount to be paid: water, rent, or any other payments required. Here a tenant could see a Due Date and the options available if they struggle to make the payment.

After a customer clicks on the "Make a payment button", they are able to select credit card details. The transaction gets completed via the backend to ensure the transaction integrity isn’t compromised.

The details of the payment are stored in the system. The payment receipt will be sent to the tenant or the tenant could access it via the portal.

Get Help

Raise a request

Raising a request from the Tenant portal is easy. Tenant could report a problem requesting maintenance or make a general enquiry.

With the maintenance request tenant describes the issue, attaches photos and picks up a preferable time for the maintenance.

For both types of requests the confirmation message with the reference number appears on the dashboard.


Download documents

In the tenant documents section, the tenant could download their invoices, bills, receipts, or any other documents which you want them to be able to access.

Start a conversation

Start a conversation

A friendly chat is available on the Tenant portal.
A response from a staff member will be received almost instantly. No waiting in a long queue for the call to be answered.
Happy customers and cost savings for your business as your agents will be able to process multiple customers at the same time.

Message Board

Check messages

It starts with a personalized greeting. You can set it up to use the preferred tenant name they specified in the profile.

The message board could display common messages addressed to groups of tenants or personal messages specific to the tenant logged into the portal.

By clicking on the Dismiss button, a tenant acknowledges they reviewed the information. The dismissed messages will automatically disappear from the portal.

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