Here are some examples of the work we've done for our clients. Please reach out to discuss your particular needs and the case and we'll be happy to help you achieve success too!

Transport for NSW Vendor Portal screenshot

Transport for NSW Vendor Portal styling

Sometimes, the success of a transformational project depends on the adoption of it by users. The Transport for NSW team realises this clearly and we've helped them to style the look and feel of the portal they developed.

Customer Service Portal

Smoke Alarm Solutions agency portal

Smoke Alarm Solutions services fire alarms for hundreds of thousand properties. The self service portal that we developed with them allowed the property managers to lodge new work orders and track status. This made possible to grow Smoke Alarm Solutions business without compromising service quality and keep the clients experience at its best.
Portal: (login required)

Sellers Compliance portal screenshot

Sellers compliance portal for Smoke Alarm Solutions

With the new legistlation in QLD from 2022, every property seller must organise a smoke alarms inspection. Technomancy helped the Smoke Alarm Solutions team to build a public facing portal where they can order an inspection for the property and pay a fee without the need to call or email.

Water bill automation samples

Water billing automation for Hume Community Housing

The solution for automated import and processing of thousands water bills every quarter helped Hume Community Housing to reduce processing time and effort from 4..5 weeks to only a day or two every quarter. Additionally, it also resulted in increased quality of customer service. Read more...

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