Business problem

For the workforce, whose task is to inspect a distributed area (like construction site), large machinery (like powerplant components) or even a landscape garden, the main goal is to conduct an inspection, take notes and produce a report. The productivity challenge is to upload the pictures toa computer or the cloud, sort the pictures taken and associate them to the correct objects and notes.


This mobile app solves this problem with automatic folder selection for storing the pictures taken into an online folder (OneDrive) based on the selected object of the inspection.

The app allows:

  • Scan a barcode or QR code to associate pictures taken to a specific OneDrive folder
  • Take pictures using devices camera (phone or tablet) 
  • Store those pictures temporarily on the device 
  • Upload the picture to OneDrive folder associate with the scanned QR code or barcode. 

The app also allows for a delayed upload for tablets without a SIM or to conserve the mobile data.

The application can be configured using a simple Excel table stored in OneDrive folder to allow adding new codes operationally and folders without the need to change the app.  

The app is implemented using Microsoft PowerApp platform (“Canvas app”) and requires a user to be authenticated with the Office 365 credentials to access the OneDrive data.   

The below screenshots illustrate the functionality. 

App screenshot - main screen
The main screen showing the selector of the object of inspection on the left (through a “New scan” button or drop-down selector) and a queue of pictures taken awaiting the connectivity to be uploaded.
App screenshot - gallery screen
The gallery of the selected inspection object with the set of pictures taken. On the left you can see the barcode for this object, associated folder; the button to change it; the button to upload pictures now; the button to save this set and start inspection for another object.
App screenshot - another gallery screen
The same screen as above, but this time the use case is inspections of assembled bathroom sets
App screenshot - camera screen
This screen allows the pictures to be taken using the device’s camera
Screenshot - folders on OneDrive
The OneDrive folder where the pictures are automatically uploaded and sorted into the folders
Screenshot - Excel table for configuration
Excel table with configuration settings for the app

Contact us if you want to know more about this solution, use it or enhance it for your needs.