Do your customers and clients have to call or email you with service inquiries? Do you spend your profits on call centre answering standard questions?

If any of this applies to your business, then you are missing digital customer service. “Your Customers Don’t Want To Call You For Support” as Forrester put very clear data in their publication. “…73% say that valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do to provide them with good online customer service.” – from the same source.

The good news is that a customer service portal now is not rocket science. If you use Dynamics 365 or Power Platform you have access to Power Apps Portal – tools and platform to build digital customer service. The only questions is will your customers love it?

Smoke Alarm Solutions customer service portal landing page
Smoke Alarm Solutions win competition with digital service portal built by Technomancy experts

The customer service portal needs to be functional, usable and also have a “cool” look and feel. If your customers face dull or old-fashioned UI from 1998, this impression from the design will consciously and sub-consciously will translate to the perception of your whole business.

Smoke Alarm Solutions customer service portal - work orders page
Functional and usable interface is what will bring your customers back again

The good news is, Technomancy experts have all the necessary skills and experience designing and building customer service portals. We can help you:

  • identify service transactions that can be digitised to provide the best value for money;
  • design and build service portal functions, including customer login, request forms and other transactions;
  • integrate with payment solutions to facilitate digital financial transactions – using Stripe, PayPal, eWay and other

Contact us for a free consultation and discuss how your business can save on customer service expenses at the same time dramatically improving your customers’ experience.