Style your Power Apps portal new existing to make your users say WOW

We consult with you to choose the right engagement model which works better for you. We listen and care. You will love the result!

For your new portal

Working with your developer team

Our team builds it for you from scratch

We  will work with your dev team on the page templates, key components like navigation, dashboard and menus. For the most cases, no changes to the page or page code are required for the basic styling. The portal CSS file will contain the changes. Extra images, like logos, banners, backgrounds and web templates will be produced if required. We listen to your feedback to deliver the best outcome.

Over time of 10+ years we implemented more than 20 portals. Our team has got all skills you need to deliver the project: UI/UX, business analyst, developers, solution architect. We even have our Agile scrum master/coach. We are Australia based, Australian-owned company. People you talk to are the same people who work for you. You get better value and better quality with us.

For your existing portal

It’s never too late to get it right. We add an artistic touch to your implementation. No major rework. You choose how much you’re going to change.

The standard package price for the existing portal 5-7K.


Step 1. Creating a design guide

We create a unique design for your portal. We follow your company style guide, fonts, and brand colours. 

Step 2. Working on a feedback and approval

Your feedback is very important to us. 100% of the time we get “WOW!” as a response but we are always happy to improve. We provide you with at least 2 choices of the landing page style and  2  choices for each of the key elements.

Step 3. Styling a dev portal

We recommend using a dev portal for styling. However, you could request to use a trial. In this case, your dev team have to copy the results to a dev enviroment after the final approval.

Step 4. Demo, feedback and a final version

We demo you the Step 3 results and request your final feedback. After applying the final touch, we wrap up the engagement. We are happy to provide you with the extra support hours if you choose to continue working with us.

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