Our solution lets you leverage the powers of the Moneris Payment gateway and the Power Platform Canvas Apps capability. It's available on Microsoft AppSource as a free 30-day trial - check it out now!

Moneris (formerly "Moneris Solutions") is Canada's largest financial technology company that specialises in payment processing. Moneris was established in December 2000 as a joint venture between the Royal Bank of Canada and Bank of Montreal and processes more than 3 billion transactions a year for over 350,000 merchant locations, and employs more than 1,900 people across North America.

Take credit card payments with Moneris payment gateway in Microsoft Power Apps
Moneris gateway PCF control for Microsoft Power Apps

The Power App payment component for Moneris gateway is a solution for Microsoft Power Platform that allows to build Canvas Apps to process credit card payment in PCI DSS compliant way through Moneris payment gateway.

The solution uses the secure tokenisation of a payment card using “Hosted Tokenization” pattern. In this approach, the data from the credit card entry fields on the Canvas App screen get sent to Moneris payment gateway directly and never reaches neither yours nor Microsoft’s infrastructure, ensuring PCI DSS compliance scope is contained with Moneris payment gateway.

When implementing the Power App using this solution you will need:

  1. An account with Moneris Merchant Resource Centre (MRC) where you will need certain information to configure the component (see below sections of this guide)
  2. Power Platform environment to install the solution with a configured user and permissions.
  3. Create and integrate your business logic of what needs to happen after a successful payment is processed.
    • For example, this can be a cloud flow on the event to the creation of a record in the Moneris Transactions table.
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