4 principles of the technology partnership

Continually adapting the business to the everchanging technology environment is not a sprint; it’s a marathon. As such, the one-off “hit and run” approach to technology change doesn’t deliver continuity and strategic transformation. Moreover, such disjointed initiatives lacking technology partnership may harm and create technology drag and lock-in.

Therefore, more sustainable, enduring relationships must exist between a business organisation and technology consultants or systems integrators. Such relationship delivers collaboration, mutual value and strategic advancement of the organisations.

So, what are the principles of such a technology relationship? Many sources agree there are 4 of these listed below.

Shared goals

The goals of partnering organisations don’t have to be (and cannot be) the same. Instead, they must be “compatible” and share aligned elements and less conflicting priorities. Shared goals can be in the value to the community or sustainability or purely commercial aligned goals.

Mutually beneficial

This can be expressed as either a “win-win” game when both parties gain as a result or just a fair exchange of value. In contrast, when some exploit exists, created through leveraging power and position or even legal tricks, the relationship is not mutually beneficial. Healthy relationships are never one-sided. 

Enduring trust and respect

Trust is an expectation that another party will act in your best interests or not cause harm. Trust is also a function of time over time. While there must be some initial “credit” of trust for the relationship to begin, the dynamic of the trust is more important. The critical element of trust is respect, which acts as a catalyser of trust. The lack of respect is the opposite; it inhibits trust growth and affects other outcomes as a result.

Commitment to continuity

Healthy relationships (both business and personal) have some continuity, expressed by the parties as an intention and action. The desire to continue the relationship results from mutually beneficial collaboration and an intent to walk a path to the shared goals with a partner one can trust.

We at Technomancy, a technology consulting business, practice what we preach. We strive to build mutually beneficial, enduring technology partnerships based on shared goals, resulting in mutual benefit and continuity.

Contact us and leverage the opportunity to have an independent view of how technology delivery can transform your business and operations and help you succeed in your mission!

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