Power Apps Portal: deactivating records from a portal via Web API

All the amazing docs, which help you to start are available here:



I was testing the scenario where we had to workaround with the plugin: prior portal Web API times 🙂 it wasn’t possible to deactivate a record from a portal with a status different from the default one. Now it’s super easy!

  1. I added a new inactive status for a testing purpose:

2. I updated Site Settings to include statecode and statuscode fields:

3. I added a script to update the record I wanted to deactivate:

	webapi.safeAjax = safeAjax;	})(window.webapi = window.webapi || {}, jQuery)    if (confirm('Update?')) {    alert('Thanks for confirming');  webapi.safeAjax({    type: "PATCH",    url: "/_api/tk_inspections(e4c23961-61f5-ea11-a815-000d3ad20d1d)",    contentType: "application/json",    data: JSON.stringify({      "statecode": 1,      "statuscode": 821350004 //Cancelled - custom new inactive value    }),    success: function (res) {      alert("Yay!")    }  });

4. It just worked! ?

Happy days!

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