CDS current environment connector: Filtering attributes for the record created

Let’s say I want trigger some logic when the particular field has been modified on a record.

In this example, I modify a contact Email field and create a Note when it’s been modified.

I picked up a trigger for Create or Update because you can enter Email for a new record or you can just update.

It’s obvious if you’ve ever created any plug-in in your previous life that Filtering attributes is something which is only applicable to Update.

So even when you create a new record without populating Email this Flow will trigger still.

So how do you know if record was created without Email or Email was modified to set to null? If you check the condition for Email eq null it will be true for both cases.

Luckily, we’ve got SDKMessage property on the trigger we we can check to make sure we understand what exactly is going on.

The condition below works for the Email populated on Create or just for Update when Email change is triggered via the Filtering attributes

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